What to visit

Riserva Naturale dell’Orecchiella

Corfino is the gate to have access to the Parco Nazionale Dell’Appennino Tosco-Emiliano. Within few kilometers from Corfino, you will be immersed in the Riserva naturale dell’Orecchiella where you can find a Meeting Point and a Naturalistic Museum surrounded by equipped green areas, an extended mountain garden and a lot of fenced areas where you will have the pleasure to watch local faunas in their own natural environment. There are different paths which connect Corfino to areas near the Parco and, if you want to have a longer trekking, you can use those paths to reach the Pania di Corfino, the Botanical Garden and the various shelters spread all over our mountains.

Fortezza delle Verrucole

This majestic medieval castle is located in Verrucole, San Romano. During the year, this fortress is the protagonist of a lot of festivals like those which recall ancient times in order to immerse the area in a medieval spirit. Furthermore, the fortress offers a breath-taking panorama of all the valley – from Apuan Alps to the Parco dell’Orecchiella.

Lago di Vagli

The artificial lake in Vagli owes its popularity to the “ghost town” of Fabbriche di Careggine. The ancient medieval burg was submerged during the fifties when the construction of an electric basin took place. The inhabitants then moved to the new houses of Vagli di Sotto. During the years, the lake has been emptied four times for maintenance – last time was in 1994- and every time this happens, the old burg lives again thanks to the tourists coming from all over Europe.

Riserva naturale dell’Orrido di Botri

The Orrido di Botri is a majestic calcareous canyon born thanks to the river Rio Pelago. This cleft is the deepest in garfagnana and this area, situated near Bagni di Lucca, is one of the 131 in Italy. The Park is opened from June untill September, months in which the temperature is mild and the flow rate is not dangerous for visitors. There you can hike for a 4-hours excurtion following the river’s path with the help of the equipment provided when you pay your ticket.

Grotta del Vento

The Grotta del Vento is dug inside the mountain chain of the Apuan Alps and it is a path of tunnels and caves inside the Pania Secca. Its origin is karst and inside you can admire alive stalactites and stalagmites, rivulets, ponds and other natural phenomena created by water in these centuries. The Cave is situated near Gallicano and you can visit it choosing one amongst the suggested trails – all accessible to tourists.

Oasi naturale di Campocatino

The ancient alpine pasture of Campocatino is one of the most suggestive places in the Apuan Alps. It is at the bottom of the mount Roccandagia, a few kilometers from Vagli di Sotto. From 1991 it became a LIPU (association which protects birds) natural Oasi since it is popolated by various volatile species. From here you can explore the Eremo of San Viano, nestled in the rocky face of the mountain, located on a trail where one can easily conemplate the whole valley, including mounts Sella, Tambura and Sumbra.

Rocca Ariostesca

The Rocca is an elegant renaissance forification and it is the symbol of Castelnuovo, the Garfagnana heart. The name comes from the famous italian poet Ludovico Ariosto, who was a guest of the rocca for his role of governor of the Estense’s province of Garfagnana. After all the damages due to the Second World War, the Rocca needed various restoration. Currently, it hosts different cultural events and the Archeologic Museum of the Garfagnana.