What to do

Garfagnana offers a wide range of activities. They can be recreational, such us getting in touch with the nature, or more intriguing like outdoor sports.


People who love mountaineering (both in winter and in summer), can find numerous trails in Garfagnana and in the Apuan Alps, amongst which they can choose depending on the difficulties. There are indeed trails for everybody: beginners can also decide to experience the funny rocky gyms, where they can try the mountaineering experience in a safe place. During the winter, as far as weather conditions are good, tourists can enjoy breath-taking path in a landscape covered in snow.


The rambling net shuttered all over the Garfagnana mountains is one of the things we are most proud of. These numerous paths are indeed well signalled by CAI and Comunità Montana and they are suitable for every kind of people: from the most accessible for families, to the most demanding for experts. We although highly recommend to ask for information at the local desk before rambling, especially in order to know if the path is clean and suitable for your skills.

Mountain Bike

There are numerous possibilities to explore the area with a mountain bike. You can rent it and experience an exciting adventure in the middle of the nature, whether alone or with someone to help you guiding.


There are three accessible caves in the Alpi Apuane: “Antro del Corchia”, situated in Alta Versilia, “La Buca di Equi” in Lunigiana (an area nearby Garfagnana) and “Grotta del Vento”, near Vergemoli. This last one has been the first discovered and, thanks to its three paths inside, it is a must for people who love the mysteries of the earth. Other non tourist caves can be explored with the help of Environmental Guides who can help you through the discovery. Besides, caves are also located around the Orecchiella area, within the Pania di Corfino and the Monte Ripa.


The best way to discover Garfaganana is having relaxing walk with our beloved horses. The numerous mule tracks all aver our mountains guarantee fun for all ages, with the extra of an immersion in the nature. Equestrian Environmental Guides and Riding Instructors can teach you to love this sport. Nearby the Albergo Diffuso are several stables from where you can start your adventurous trekking.

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